Monthly Archives: April 2012

Yes! Fig Trees Are Making It This Year

Last year, I took some cuttings from our very mature fig trees. I tried to root them in perilite - that didn't work. No roots formed, even with rooting hormone. I have had great success starting avocado plants in zipper baggies filled with moist peat, so I decided to do that this year with the figs.  I took cuttings about 10 to 12 inches long, dipped them in rooting hormone and planted the ends in the peat in the zipper baggies.  Within about 6 weeks, roots had formed and I decided to plant them Read more [...]

Waltham Butternut and Cucumber Sprouts

Last year, I had nothing but trouble with something cutting my sprouts off at the ground in this raised bed. This year I planted the seeds in 'cutworm collars', which simply means trimmed down toilet paper rolls. I cut about a third off of the length, stuck about an inch in the dirt and left about an inch above ground. The seedlings before the post are cukes and the seedlings beyond the post are Waltham Butternut.  So far, so good. You can actually see the brown paper rolls better than the seedlings. Read more [...]

Potatoes Growing Right Along

I'm growing potatoes this year, just a small bag of seed potatoes. I planted 2 in a large pot, in about 8" of soil. They have grown over a foot, and I have added at least 8" of leaves/mulch/potting soil. I am intending to cover the stems up to the top edge of the pot and hoping for a pot full of potatoes. We'll see how this works. I am expecting potatoes to grow in the soil at the bottom, and as I understand it, the covered stems should produce potatoes along them also. The other 8 seed potatoes Read more [...]

Overview Time Again

Here are some early spring overview shots of what I've got so far this year: Looking north over the 3 raised cattle panels: Looking west from near the gate: The open area for the tomatoes, maybe about 3 dozen plants: The area west of the greenhouse: I have learned to put hay in the walk way. Most of it composts by the following spring. Great stuff - a bale of old, rotting hay. Looking south from the greenhouse door area: Looking east across the raised beds to the greenhouse: The Read more [...]

Compost Pile

This is the new compost pile. About 2 months ago, I flipped the big stuff from the old compost pile and added all the weeds I pulled getting the garden ready for spring planting. I wish I was able to build retaining walls, but haven't yet been able to get it rolling. I was considering using old wood pallets for the side and rear wall. I still need to use my 1/2" square wire mesh framed screen to screen the old compost pile, but before I could get the job done, these volunteer squash popped Read more [...]